Website advice

Getting your website together was hard work. You probably set up the site by yourself, wrote all the copy too, organised all the pages.

Now’s the time to check your website if your website is supporting you and your brand the way you intended.


Is all the information on your website where it needs to be to help your customer understand what you do? Is your copy addressing your reader’s problems? Find out, by letting me review your website.

This is a deep analysis. I will examine all your main web pages (e.g. Home, About) with close attention paid to your Home page and Home page headline. I will look areas on your website that potentially confuse visitors or don’t make sense to your brand.

You will complete a brief questionnaire prior to the review, to help me understand your business aims.

You’ll receive the analysis as a video review, along with a detailed report on my findings. We then jump on Skype for 60 minutes to discuss the report and what steps to take to fix any problem areas.

Zell Liew, web developer & coding coach,

I found Tom was very professional in his approach and he was quick to point out the problems in my copy. He also gave me solid feedback on why my blog wasn’t hitting its potential, and I specifically liked how he was straightforward and honest in his suggestions. I also learned which areas were not working the way I thought they were working – that’s been a real insight!

Tom provided a detailed analysis of my blog, which was easy to read, you could understand his thoughts. He articulates his points across very clearly, which is a rare find. He also constantly reassures you that these are his thoughts, and that I am free to control or execute them. This gave me options to choose from and was very much appreciated.


WEBSITE FROM SCRATCH (INC. COACHING & EDITING), €500/month for 3 months (€1500 total)

Having trouble creating your business website? Feeling anxious about what to write? Paralysed by the pressure of needing your website to be perfect? Hate writing as well?

Website Development is designed to remove all these problems.

By the end of the 3-month work, you’ll get a finished website with new original content on the Home page, About, Services and more. You will also receive a clear brand direction for your website and suggestions for how to market your business online.

Michael Mai, web developer, MaiNetCare

If you need someone to work with you to develop a website that is fully tailored to your customers’ needs, I would recommend Tom. His approach is clearly structured, he knows what he is doing and you are really well managed through his process.

What surprised me positively was the fact that we were given a real prototype of a website and our team was able to assess the effect of the headlines directly on the Internet. This is much more effective than just getting a PDF or graphical mockup. I was also enthusiastic that Tom took a lot of time to explain how words work and how they don’t.

Read more about my work with Michael Mai here.

Each stage consists of coaching and editing of any content you create.

The 3 stages are:

  • The Strategy stage – where we begin the process of understanding your new business and its goals. This is the stage where the brand direction you will choose from are developed
  • The Content Design stage – live development of new copy and making sure they fit the chosen brand direction
  • The Final Editing stage – all agreed-upon copy is finalised and then proofred by me to make sure it reads well and fits your brand and brief