Content advice

You might be close to finishing your manuscript first draft.

You might be working on copy for your website, social media, email list or other marketing materials. You might also have a blog and so need to create new blog posts quite frequently.

Writing is hard work, so why do it alone? I stand in for your reader in making sure any glaring problems in your copy are resolved.


Get complete peace of mind when it comes to any copy you’re working on, whether for the web or for ebooks. I’ll catch your spelling mistakes, fix grammar, trim sentences, remove repetition, make suggestions for bette word choices, fix sentence structure and proofread your finished piece.

You’ll also receive notes with each set of edits, explaining the reasons behind the changes; you can then decide whether to accept them or not.

Price per job depends on the scale of your project.

Gabriel Both, web coach

This was my first ebook and not having much experience with this, I wanted someone professional who could help me. As a result of working with Tom, I got very valuable insights to how I approached my book that really made me think. The feedback was valuable not just from an editing point of view, but from an honest objective view of the piece.

Tom also helped me start a new ebook from scratch and I enjoyed his process. I really liked the questions that he asked, it really helped me to get writing and put my thoughts down on paper. Tom really wants the best for you and cares about your work. So in any feedback, you will get the truth and not something sugar-coated. You will get a very thorough, honest and valuable service well worth the investment.


ONGOING CONTENT DEVELOPMENT, 6-month retainer, €400/month

Get peace of mind and accountability when it comes to creating new marketing material from scratch, e.g. blog posts, web copy, ebooks, brochures.

Each month you’ll get 2 1-hour Skype coaching calls. I copy edit all content you create then make sure it fits your chosen marketing format in the right way.

I can also repurpose older content into new formats.