Defining a new business direction: a content redesign

You’ve recently changed the direction of your existing business to serve your customers even better. This means new services, a new direction and a new brand.

Now you’re in the process of needing to change your existing website to fit your new brand and direction. The problem is – you don’t know how to do it.

Because the work you need to do is not as simple as rewriting the content on your existing website. You’re realising you may have to write everything from scratch so it aligns with your new brand and fits your new direction, for example:

  • new copy for your new services
  • new copy that explains the new business
  • new copy to fit your new brand
  • adding or removing existing web pages
  • changing your blog (if you have a blog)

Basically, you’re having to create a whole new website to fit your new business!

The workload is huge!!

(And you just don’t have the time and no idea how to start.)

Don’t worry. I’m here to do all of this for you. We’ll work together over 3 distinct stages and by the end, you’ll have a finished website complete with new original copy to fit your new brand.

Michael Mai, founder, MaiNetCare web agency

If you need someone to work with you to develop a website that is fully tailored to your customers’ needs, I would recommend Tom. His approach is clearly structured, he knows what he is doing and you are really well managed through his process.

What surprised me positively was the fact that we were given a real prototype of a website and our team was able to assess the effect of the headlines directly on the Internet. This is much more effective than just getting a PDF or graphical mockup. I was also enthusiastic that Tom took a lot of time to explain how words work and how they don’t.

Read more about my work with Michael Mai here.

How we work together

Every business website needs to have a specific purpose and target a specific audience. This then determines the brand voice, Home page headlines, language, even the photos we use, to address the customer – what I call ‘content direction’.

In the first days of working together, we’ll meet face to face to discuss your new company’s goals, your intended target audience and the purpose of your new website. I’ll then go away and create different content directions based on our discussions, from which you will eventually choose the direction that works for you.

What you’ll get at the end of our work together:

  • A clear website content direction
  • New original copy for webpages Home, About, Services and Contact, as well as other key pages we have decided upon
  • A finished prototype of your new website
  • A plan going forwards of what to do next for your website including blogging strategy
  • Final content you can upload to the website on your servers for instant use

My work with you is carried out over 3 stages:

  • The Strategy phase – where we begin the process of understanding your new business and its goals. This is the stage where the content directions you will choose from are developed
  • The Content Design phase – live development of the content direction you’ve chosen including drafts for new copy, new web pages and other ideas we’ve agreed. N.B. Live content will be placed on a test website on my server
  • The Final Editing phase – all agreed-upon copy is finalised and then proofred by me to make sure it reads well and fits the client’s brand and brief

Janet Finlay, coach, Canine Confidence

I really liked how Tom took a holistic view of my site – looking at copy, layout and structure. Tom was able to suggest many improvements to make my website clearer and more succinct. The process was consultative and at no point did I feel I was being pressured to make changes that I wasn’t happy to make.

Tom is very good at rephrasing sections to make them more punchy and to pare away unnecessary verbiage. His suggestions have made my site more focused and given me a clearer view of how to take it forward. He will make your voice more effective rather than replacing it with his own. He will help you to clarify your goals and see your work through the eyes of a new client.


Investment for this service varies depending on the scale of your project and the goals for your new website, but starts from €/$2000.