How I do business (and life)

I love helping people to succeed.

That’s the single most important thing you need to know about me.

Whether I’m coaching someone or explaining a new process, I love knowing I’m helping somebody (like you) move forward in their goals.

Seeing them reach their potential brings me joy.

It’s a satisfying feeling.

Why am I telling you this?

Because when it comes to me helping you, you’ll know I’ve got your back – from day one.

Let go and have fun

I love keeping it simple as well.

When it comes to different ways of marketing yourself on the web, I know how frustrating it is for you.

There’s so much out there to learn… so much out there you can do.

Except, you don’t have the time to learn it – or do it. (You’re running a solo business after all.)

Having worked on the web since 2013, I know your doubts and anxieties well.

But I also know how to get you out of these problems so you can move forward and win.

I understand the web as the unique medium that it is and the specific ways people use the web to get answers to problems they have.

So, whether you’re blogging, writing, doing social media, building your online empire – I can help you take advantage of the web, in the right way, so that your copy efforts succeed.

I’d love to get to know you

Let’s chat for 15 minutes and find out if we’re a good fit for working together. No pressure, no charge, no obligation. Click here for details.

By your side

So this is me, Tom Wong.

I’m based in Berlin but from London originally.

I’ve been a freelancer for 10+ years (web copy editor, trainer and project manager) so know your struggles well in keeping business alive. I also run an online business for event planners.

One last thing you should know about me is that ease is the core of my work ethic. I believe in ease; with it, you get things done, without needing to stress. Here are some of the ways ease will show up as we work together:

Simple processes for maximum action

The less barriers there are in understanding a new topic, the more confident you’ll feel about taking action.

The more you know the right way of doing things – from the very first moment – the faster you can move forward in your life.

I help you achieve that.

Clear, straightforward communication

When my clients and I chat, I’m often told it’s like working with a friend.

I’m just a regular person like you. You won’t hear any jargon or technical-speak from me. I like to keep things user-friendly and down to earth.

Soulful collaboration

I love working with people and growing their ideas.

I’ll take away your stress of starting something new. I’ll help you punch through any obstacles you’re facing, with much respect and understanding.

Simply put, I’m your accountability, partner, sounding off board and ally.

But helping you isn’t the only thing I love doing. When I’m not at my laptop, you’ll find me enjoying German cinema, visiting museums and listening to jazz. I like meeting new people as well –

And I’d love to get to know you. So why don’t we have a 15-minute chat over Skype or phone and find out if we’re a good fit for working together. Learn more here.